About Us


Our Mission

IMS Co will provide professional support services to help individuals, business owners and corporations take charge and maintain control of their operations in order to ensure effective, efficient life/business practices.

Our Strategy

"We put the M in management."
It is the strategy of IMS Co to empower individuals and businesses to become active participants in managing their life/business.
Collections: Managing the money you are missing
Process Service: Managing the people causing problems
Account Management: Managing your accounts actively

Our Values

Affordability – Our standard schedule of fees is cost effective, keeping your budget in mind.
Reliability – Our services are backed by a commitment to follow-up and follow-through for you.
Service – Our customers are the first priority. We exist to help you get work done well.
Professionalism – What makes us professionals is our experience and ability to get results.
Loyalty – We desire to build lasting relationship. We strong encourage and reward returning customers with loyalty benefits.